Gathering, peeling, drying, grinding, macerating and boiling in the dye bath: this is what you have to do to watch live the exciting dyeing process!

To dye its garments, MeDeA uses plant-based pigments and cochineal only. No chemicals are involved in the dyeing process, but only dyeing plants growing in the area where MeDeA produces its garments. Most of the plants used have their natural habitat in the Bolivian Highland, in the area between Titikaka Lake and La Paz, or in the tropical lands.

Coca fresh leaves, Wira Wira, Th’ola, Chillca and Onions’skins are the ingredients to dye different shades of greens and yellows. To improve colorfastness, a natural mordant called alum is added.

Besides local dyeing plants, MeDeA uses cochineal to dye. Cochineal is commonly used as a natural food and cosmetic colorant. These prickly pears’ parasites dye a wide range of red, pink and purple shades. To dye orange shades MeDeA uses Bixa seeds (these ones are also commonly used as a natural food colorant) or madder roots.

Vegetable dye is a blend of rigor, patience, dedication, slow pace, respect for the environment and appreciation of the natural produce.

Natural dyeing for a sustainable fashion

We are an eco friendly clothing brand committed to produce environment-friendly products. For us, traceability of the whole supply chain is a tenet in our work.

We like to start from the beginning: that’s why we buy alpaca wool directly from Bolivian breeders and we dye it ourselves using only natural colors. In this way we know exactly the quality of the natural fiber we are using in our collections and how it is dyed.

After experimenting for years traditional recipes of natural dyes, MeDeA has come to develop a unique palette: subtle shades and pastel colors together with vivid natural colors are the miracle coming from immersing alpaca wool in a hot infusion of local herbs gathered in the Bolivian Highland.

tintura naturale

The wholly handcrafted production and natural dyeing make almost impossible to produce two identical garments. That’s why MeDeA’s knitwear is really unique: all our pieces of clothing are different from any others, but also different between them.