Bolivian Alpaca Wool Only

For its production MeDeA uses Bolivian alpaca wool only. MeDeA’s providers are local alpaca and llama breeders who live in small rural communities in the Highlands. MeDeA buys alpaca wool directly, without going through intermediaries. That’s why we control the entire production chain and we ensure a market for the alpaca breeders cooperatives. In Bolivia it even happened that we met the animal whose fiber we use in our collection.

Thanks to our direct contacts with the alpaca breeders, we receive raw fiber to produce hand-spun alpaca wool that is used to create unique and handcrafted garments.

The Unique Alpaca Wool’s Characteristics

Since the times of the Incas, alpaca have been bred to produce a silky, brilliant, and unmistakable fiber. Such a fine quality wool would have been the sole prerogative of Incas emperors and aristocracy.


pure wool

seven times warmer

environmentally friendly clothing

definitely softer

alpaca fiber characteristics

three times stronger

cruelty free

hypoallergenic and perfect for babies

organic garments


eco fashion


eco friendly clothing brands

100% biodegradable

green lifestyle


Alpaca wool is suitable for harsh climates, ideal for mild winters, perfect for uncertainties of seasonal changes, as the air forms micro-particles in the yarn, making the knitwear extremely soft and light and giving it great thermal properties. This retains the heat as well as insulating the body from the external environment yet allowing complete perspiration. Among natural fibers, alpaca wool is one of the stronger. That’s why MeDeA’s knitwear is made to last.

Moreover, alpaca knitwear is waterproof and water-repellant. Alpaca yarn releases water faster than other kinds of wool and absorbs humidity more slowly. Alpaca wool does not contain lanoline, doesn’t mat up easily, does not bobble and does not cause allergic reactions. Well, alpaca wool is a kind of miracle of nature.

Hypoallergenic wool: it’s perfect for kids and sensitive skins

MeDeA’s alpaca wool does not contain lanoline, which is the main cause of allergies. It is also organic and natural-dyed. That’s why it is suitable for baby’s and kid’s (0-8-year-old) knitwear. MeDeA’s kids fashion is colorful and hand-made and with careful attention to details. With the same love for details that characterizes us, we also produce women’s collection: all garments are dyed with plant-based colors or using the sophisticated and elegant natural hues of alpaca yarn.

100% Bolivian and cruelty-free alpaca wool

Because of the traditional and community-scale breeding, typical in the Bolivian Highland, alpaca wool is considered to be organic itself and does not need GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification. At the beginning of summer alpacas are sheared: this is an important event for the whole community of breeders. The shearing method is respectful for the alpacas. In fact, unlike other sheep species, alpacas are traditionally hand-shorn using manual scissors, that’s why shearing is cruelty-free.All MeDeA’s garments are organic, cruelty-free and made with the best quality Bolivian alpaca wool.


2-8 years

Sveva Tunic

2-8 years

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